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A little blurb on Jules

– by Nat

He’s the kind of guy that can’t be contained in any box of any shape or size you can imagine – though I’ve seen some try. He is a free spirit, actually he’s many things all once. I call him natural engineer and lighting guy. He is a scientist with just a little touch of mad. He is an electronics engineer – designer planner and creator. Capable sound engineer – a genius a programmer , talented musician, guitarist singer songwriter, a lover not a fighter, he is confident and sure – also humble and sometimes confused.

He is very spiritual – a teacher and student, a brother and a son, loving partner and wonderful step dad. He is kind, caring, thoughtful and compassionate and has more than a fair touch of the only child syndrome. He loves flowers, and Colors! – everything he does is colorful. He loves women’s clothes.

 A curious spiel on Leos

If Leo people desire to radiate the power of the sun’s rays directly through their personalities, they must co-operate fully with the Lord of our solar system, Himself. This is done by sacrificing petty personal joys and desires for spiritual treasures which are of eternal value. For these heart-centered individuals to divert their minds from the purely emotional toward selfless ideals is not easy.

However, it seems that Life has such ideals in store for many Leos, for we often find them caught in a maze of outer circumstances which force them back upon themselves. Finally they are compelled to acknowledge that inner light which connects them directly with the sun. Once this ray is glimpsed and its destination seen, the Leo person can never again lose that vision.

From that time on, the adjustment of their thoughts to the loftier patterns is a source of joy to them. The purpose of Life is recognized. The dazzling white light of the ideal symbolized by the sun is so intense that all lesser, external lights lose their brilliance and appeal.

This accomplishment, the true goal for all Leos, is attainable even in everyday life, for it does not require that we withdraw from centers of activity. Development presupposes that we overcome the resistance of the obstacles to growth which we meet in daily living. The idealist makes virtues of these necessary hindrances by using them as steppingstones toward his goal.

Events, then, do not crush him, for he is functioning on the plane of the ideal which cannot be disturbed by outer forces. Thus does idealism offer a release from the stresses of daily existence. The person becomes able to handle situations and to manipulate circumstances.

He grows stronger than the difficulties which confront him. Adversity loses its terror when seen through the eyes of the Leo whose feet are firmly planted on the sun-path toward the Ideal.


Agency Akashic Records

Phone +61476863751

Email electronicjude@gmail.com

Under Cover Uber Geek


Some of you suspect, some of you know. Or you think you do, how much of a gek Jules really is…

Well, it’s time to come out of the woodwork it seems – bwecause there’s a whle lot of geeky shit going on – or about to.

So, you know he fixes electronics, right ,that’s kinda clever. But sparkies can do that too.

And you get the feeling that he’s no stranger to a computer – though you know yourself and spreadsheets so it;s like – ‘yeah whatever’..

And then there’s his email addresses – electronicjude@…..

So it probably comes at no real surprise to know that he’s been working with Artificial Neural Networks, programming, designing, deploying, in the background all the time you’ve known him and then some.

You know he did some lighting job in the cave down south a while back there, and that apparently he was in the jaws of a 4.25m crocodile one time up in QLD. He plays a mean guitar ast times and for a while there had the best place ever to jam – Ever!!!

But did you know that Electronic Jude wrote more than 20,000 lines of Arduino code to make that cave do what it did and you casn probably triple that amount written in MATLAB using things like Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing, Particle Swarm, Self Organising Feature Maps.

And do you know, that by entertaining certain thoughts,

you are reaching forwards to grab these things.

Inevitably, you stumble as you grasp, until eventually, you push these things away..

Let it come to you!!