Many set out to live their ideals only find that the world doesn’t respond with open arms and enthusiasm.

History is littered with tragic examples of good people with good intentions being chewed up and spat out by a system that didn’t didn’t approve or want to be changed.


Still, it’s important to us that we embody our beliefs and give them a fair showing. It’s easy to look around and shake your head at things happening in the world. Without going into negatives, let’s just say that the world at large doesn’t look to us much like our personal version of it. Beliefs are central to our worldviews and we believe there are many people out there who understand where we are coming from. It’s those people we are looking to find and connect with.


For that reason, we’re breaking tradition, going out on a limb here and opening up to give you a snapshot  of what we’re about – if you’re interested of course. We fully realise that it may alienate or pidgeon hole us to some. Still, if you’re reading this and it sounds like you could have written it,  we’re on the same page and our levels of integrity, trust and respect are probably well aligned with your own.


Entelechy Philosophies / core guiding beliefs

  1. There is no real difference between us – we don’t see a self/other divide per se. Our perceptual reality,what we see “out there”, is an extension or reflection or function of our own consciousness. It logically follows that how we treat other people is essentially how we treat ourselves. As individuals, we fully respect ourselves and each other as good human beings and that’s why we choose to work together.
  2. Honesty is the best policy – is there a truer cliche? We’ll give it to you straight every time – you’ll never have a reason to doubt our word.
  3. Money is not our main currency – ie there are more important things. In fact we’re decoupling ourselves from the general consensus in this regard. Much more important to us is the quality of our experience of the day. Things like happiness, satisfaction, goodwill, smiles and laughs – these are things that make you want to go home and pat the dog and play with the kids at night. But we’re realists, and not in denial. Money is an integral part of society as we know it now – preferred medium of exchange. We simply choose not to put it at the center of our reality and use it as the measure of our worth.
  4. What goes around comes around – everyone knows the phrase but fully grasping the core concept is a game changer. It’s so fundamental to us that we’ve taken it a step further and structured our business model to encompass it. We call it our Equal Value Policy and it basically means that our rates are not set in stone – you can pay more – you can pay less – and you can decide which. There’s some finer points of course but the guts of it is that you are able to give a bit if you want to knowing that we graciously accept and we’ll keep that wheel turning by passing it on to others. It’s a flexible approach and our way of demonstrating #3 above.





  1. Our world is in trouble – there’s too many of us consuming too many resources living life styles that our planet simply cannot sustain. We’ve become disconnected from our Environment and brainwashed into thinking we are masters over it when in fact it still supports our existence as it has done since we climbed down out of the trees and chopped off our tails. Our modern society has been built upon a framework geared for expansion and growth but our resource base is finite. Ours is the first generation really that can see the end of the road we are careering down as a species and the alarm bells are ringing. We are about to hit the ceiling where no more growth is possible and what’s worse, we’ve burnt too many bridges behind us – destroyed and defiled the natural systems that have sustained us for thousands of years. Our fallback potential is severely limited. This is the central defining issue of our time and the culmination of the Industrial and Technological Ages.