Real considerations that MUST become Common Sense if 7+ Billion of us have any chance of living on this planet together for any decent length of time.

Theres no escaping it -
Teddy found out the hard way the consequences of excessive Rocking!

This is my 2cents worth and approach to buying and selling goods in particular, but also to Life in general now I think about it. There’s nothing special about it, it’s a natural thing when you’re serious about approaching Life with respect for all its forms. To me it just says “I think of myself as part of something greater”.

But it doesn’t stop there – THINK OF THE CHILDREN and “The Earth” we will leave as our legacy for all future generations.

Too many people are just still too blaze for my liking. If you know someone who says they don’t give a f#$% what happens when they’re not around anymore, smack ’em across the face and tell them to “Wake Up!  You’re Living in the Past!!!” They’ll never forget it..

My thoughts – they go something like this:

I evaluate costs, payoffs and value with added measures and prioritise these over bottom line financial figures. I open my mind a little further and consider factors that contribute to the OVERALL COST (energy + matter)  over the FULL LIFE TIME of a product or an energetic creation of any kind.

I think about things like

Cradle to grave - we all need to think that way
Image courtesy of brotherpeacemaker – whom I just found when searching for an image for this post. So glad I did – a click on it will take you to their site.
  • the energy required to extract the raw materials from the earth – and the logical impacts of this (both positive and negative) right there in the place of origin
  • Processing – how much energy is required to take the raw materials and turn them into things that end up on the shelves
  • Transport / Shipping / Air Freight etc – some things have components that travel the equivalent of multiple times around the world before they end up in your hand
  • Useable Life of the product – how much energy it consumes to do what it does. How much energy it saves if any through fulfilling its designed purpose. How long it will last for
  • End of Life Cycle – disposal, re-cycling, landfill, re-purposing – is there a second life or a way it can be used for a different function or purpose when it cant do it’s other job anymore?

To be a responsible and ethical business in this day and age we MUST take these factors like these into consideration when evaluating our costs, profits, performance and bottom lines. Anything less is short sighted and part of the old paradigm.

Think about the Total Price the Earth pays to support the “Being” of any particular thing in the world.

And you know what I’ve noticed – that those I’ve met who think like this and contemplate beyond the boundaries of their little worldview show more gratitude, they are kinder and more giving, they value things more hence consume less, thereby waste less – conserving without compromise – and they are also more likely to have their dog sleeping with them in bed at night. Well maybe I inferred the last – but is there any evidence to the contrary? I rest my case.