Previously referred to as the “Transparent Business Model” – before we realised there were too many models.

If this looks set to take off, which will only happen if people like you get behind it, to clarify my commitment to the cause and ideal, I’m taking everything I have, have created, will create – including music, art, time, skills, everything of any intrinsic value to the organisation at all, and putting it on the table, throwing it in the ring, as my contribution to the group and happily share it with everyone in the choir.  Think Open Source – we’ll make the whole of the PPMG operations an open book and totally transparent in every regard – ie costs, expenses, overheads, markups, wages, drawings and payouts etc..

We’re talking no dark corners – no secret benefits for anyone, everything becomes Open Knowledge – either posted or pushed into a feed – or at the very least available upon request – as an Opt In.

That’s not to say you’ll get spammed with every quarterly BAS – but you can know EXACTLY what’s going on everywhere – if you want to.

“Transparency Breeds Responsibility and especially so when it’s in the eyes of people whose respect is important to you” – EJ

Our reasoning is that if all of the information is known or available, there surely has to be less mis-understandings, fewer incorrect assumptions and that just has to lead to better quality decisions and happier campers all round doesn’t it? If you think this isn’t right, please tell me why.

Obviously there’ll be finer points and massage required to make the idea work effectively, and if there’s one thing that my little old 10+ years in business has taught me its that – it has to be done differently. The present system sux balls.