The time has arrived – of course it would be NOW.

Time – what an amorphous and nefarious concept it is.

Our clever modern physicists and mathematicians have woven it deep in their equations and theories that attempt to explain our universe and the nature of our reality.

You’d think they would be all over it.

But, I’m yet to see a T-Shirt length definition – indicating to me that they don’t really understand it well enough to make it simple enough to wear.

These days, most people I know say they don’t have enough of it, others are rarely, if ever, on it. Some see it as golden(old timers mainly) and nearly everyone would agree that no-one seems to know where it went for the most part.


I’m thinking there might be a reason they have programmed us with this mentality that -“Time is Money”. Curiouser and curiouser…


Yesterday, while breast-stroking through the divine crystal waters of Geographe Bay, it dawned on me that it was ABOUT TIME I started a blog.


So I did – and today, here it is.


I don’t know where it will lead or even it’s reason for being at this stage other than my desire to organise my thoughts and lubricate the channel between my mind and my mouth and fingers.



I hope it makes for interesting reading and please feel free to comment.


If you want to start your own topic – let me know.


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Electronic Jude