I was chatting with a good friend of mine at the beach today about a conversation with her young daughter. She was explaining to her in simple terms that  “In Life, we can’t necessarily expect to get tomorrow what we got today”.


On the one hand, she referred to that bonus ice-cream treat, on the other – just a general shit day all round as being part of life and just because it happened today, it doesn’t necessarily imply that’s what she can expect for tomorrow, or the next day.


A flatulent mind rumbles, a synaptic groan, a brief sense of discomfort, wouldn’t you know it, seconds later – Brain Fart.


Expectations – how curiously double edged they are.


Without them – Anything is possible {{{((???))}}}


In my life, when I approach each moment with an open mind I perceive life’s quirky awesomeness in action continually and Magic Happens effortlessly in abundance.


Contrast that with times when I’m busily pre-occupied looking for something I’m expecting to find, a myriad of other possibilities may have slipped by un-noticed. Possibilities that easily could have lead to a dream-come-true.


I’ve been training myself in this manner since realising in hindsight how many times I’ve missed good things because I just didn’t see them – I was looking for something else, something in particular, with Expectation.


A familiar example – “Where’s the butter?” “It’s in the fridge where it always is”. “No it’s not”. Only to have someone walk over and point directly at it – right there in front of me – in a different container or not quite where I normally find it.


Expectations. Without them – Magic is Possible. {{((??))}}


Perceiving the correlations between my Life Reality – ie “what I see before me” – , and my cache of recent thought activity, was a kicker for me.


These days – it’s second nature.


As if somehow shadowing an illustration to the famous thought paradox of “Schrödinger’s cat”, Life doesn’t always conform to the known, collapse into that wave-function, follow the statistics even.


Sometimes even the unlikeliest things occur.


We can easily write this off as chance or luck. For the cosmically minded it could be the Universe synchronising itself or a consequence of the fashionable New Age “Law of Attraction” ala “The Secret” – which I personally feel is mis-represented and incomplete.


Others might archive it away as a curious anomaly with The Big Bang, String Theory and Gravity.


In a conscious manifestation headspace, Expectation is the thing that can “get it over the line” when applied at just the right time and rightly coupled with intention, word and deed.


Here it becomes “The Sealer of the Deal”, an invaluable tool.


By and large however, misplaced and un-realistic expectations are usually loaded and leveraged with emotional or sub-conscious cargo and there’s invariably something hanging in the balance – always something on the line.


This, to me, is the “Gateway to Misery” and as Mark Knofler’s Romeo immortalised in his pine – “Juliet, the dice were loaded from the start”.


The inherent bias more often than not tips the scales in the other direction and I come up empty handed. Still – time after time I’ve observed myself go down that same old road looking for some ‘mystical metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ like a lab-rat searching for cheese.


That’s deterministic patterning to me, a logical consequence of a relational programming methodology when you think about it.


Expectation serves me when used sparingly and the rest of the time I remain impartial and independent of “The Outcome” to the point where I prepare for many or all of them, and factor in contingencies. I have a preference yes, but my well being is independent – I’m happy either way.


Being IN the formless moment with this level of Equanimity, it naturally follows that disappointment for instance is no longer on the cards – whatever the outcome – unless I insist, and why would I do that ?


And right there is one of my worst kept secrets to “Mastery in the Art” of “Flying by the Seat of one’s Pants”.


Interestingly, it’s the very same attitude that gives rise to the jovial, fool like and apparent fancy free character that many people know me to be. It may sound fickle, but I have to admit that on some level I get a kick out of knowing that they can’t figure me out either. It keeps them on their toes and gives me the benefit of the doubt – I remain an enigma.


And occasionally, with a suspiciously curious, uncanny irony that never ceases to amaze me and quite often blows me away, Life sometimes performs MIRACLES – seemingly all of it’s own accord. Often when all hope is lost. Always at just the right time. Typically when least expected.


After a few times around, putting two and two together, linking cause and effect – intention to outcome, it becomes obvious that The Clown who is orchestrating this unusual anomaly I refer to as my life has a wicked sense of humor and what’s more, appears to delight in entertaining me.


When I bring excess expectation into the mix, I second guess The Clown, and like throwing pearls to swine, his jokes and anecdotes are lost on me.


My mind, as if spinning it’s wheels, is busy doing nothing of real value. It becomes involved in less productive pursuits, spends more time looking than finding, runs around in circles and the cogs begin to grind.


In yet a further twist, say I do find “it”, “it” often doesn’t satisfy completely for one reason or another. It may have a defect, or not be quite as shiny and the actual experience of having “found what I was looking for” is a bit lack-lustre and doesn’t quite measure up to the image I had in my mind’s eye. The very image that compelled me and fueled my determination in the search.


How ironic……..  And………. Fitting.


So I graciously receive everything that comes along and stay open to interpretation while I expect the un-expected and continue to marvel at The Clown.