The C#%&$ of our species have conspired over the generations to control and F%$# Our World! Lets call them that – they’ve really earned the title.

The system that defines our modern society has been built to enslave us – that’s why it has all the “Trappings”.

Corruption is so rife that we take it for granted these days – no-one really shakes their head anymore when they hear of politicians and companies being busted for horrendous wrong doings – its just the norm.

The Earth is sick and losing its biodiversity at concerning rates. Eco-systems are breaking down all over the place and just generally the threads are coming undone – falling apart at the seems.

If you do you’re research you’ll find The C#%&$ right at the heart of most of the problems we have.

Greed and Power have created and ruled this world for some time. If something doesn’t change and we keep on going in the same direction – its not a pretty picture for our kids.

But what do you do? I’ve heaps pondered deeply on this. Their influence is so far reaching and permeate soooo deeply into our society. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. They hold all the keys and own the board – history is littered with stories of those who went up against them and ended up dead or died discredited in poverty.

But guys like Richard Branson and Elon Musk simultaneously inspire and humble.

On the one hand – here are the Good Guys’ heroes – the champions, ambassadors, shining lights, emissaries. Working for the cause and knocking shit out of the park. On the other – you can’t help but realise small you are in the scheme of things and that if you want to think of yourself as someone who does good in the world – well – really got a long way to go.

But things are changing, there are a lot of good people out there and often it feels like the tide is turning and The Force is with the Good Guys now.

How different would our world be if it was The Good Guys in power? Making the decisions… Developing the Trends….. Leading the Way….

And how cool would it be to, after all the work The C#%&$ have put in over the centuries – snatch it out from underneath them right when they are at the pinnacle of their Crowning Glory – a One World Government – New World Order – Ultimate Power and Control..

Maybe The System doesn’t have to fall after all?

Though the thought of Mad Max returning and post apocalyptic Terminator stuff is tantalising – the reality is that it’s nice not to live in fear of outlaws and thugs and gangs beating the shit out of you and raping your wife.

What if – the good guys had The Cash? Money is Power and it looks like being around for a while despite what happens.

Does it have to be the Root of All Evil? It has a lot of positives **– Mike Maloney stuff in here —***

It doesn’t seem likely that The C#%&$ are going to have a change of heart and all of a sudden become cool and loving.

There’s more of us than them, they know it and are scared shirtless – (and pantless according to Nat).

Aquarian energies are coming through now. The Dark Forces are losing their grip – frantically grasping at straws to hold onto control.

Quantum Mechanics + Ancient Wisdoms all suggest that reality, this world we look out on and share, is a function of Consciousness and that’s all there is to it.

Things like the Simulation Hypothesis and the Holographic Universe Theory come in along The Matrix lines and there seems to be a lot of truth in that.

In fact, in my head, they are the only ones that tick all the boxes.

So, the Future world we are moving into, and if you are into the Parallel Universe idea make that plural, may not actually be what we are lead to believe and could in fact be a function of what we are collectively thinking Now.

Maybe that’s why they use Mass Media and hypnosis and programming on us – because They Know the creative power of thought – and they’re hijacking minds – installing virus like code – and trying to turn us into a Human Thought Botnet to amplify their own intentions.

There’s lots of spiritual jiggery-pokery around telling us how powerful we are and that the Universe is within us and all that .

The Mayan Calendar, Vedic Scriptures, even Bible Prophecy all reckon its End Times we are living in.

Something is definitely afoot, everyone knows it, its crunch time on so many levels – the quickening – the Omega point – we’re approaching a Singularity, if good choices are made – we could find ourselves in a nice place down the track. The default creation is probably along Their lines of force already established and graphically presented to us on the movie screen.

It’s for this reason that I firmly believe – “It’s Time the Good Guys got the Cash!”  – got The Power – and like Sylvester Stallone turning his cap around when he was about to be beat in an arm wrestle – went Over The Top!! of The C#%&$ – and demonstrated once and for all – The Power of Love.

So, how to do this?

Tell me what’s wrong with this idea please ->