yeah we’ve got one and we think it’s actually got legs, this is the bit YOU REALLY SHOULD READ AND ABSORB AND FEEDBACK TO US YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS PLEASE…

This is OUR PLAN in a nutshell :-

  1. Setup a web shop / online store – done – (we were going to do that anyway) + pimp it out with Planetary Poets Merchandise and bait the trap with free music and art and whatever we can rummage up
  2. Crank it up on Facebook by first forming a base network of family and all the people who went through the doors of Akashic Records’ Lion’s Den Studios. This is the common thread, —- find those w3ords from the audio recording —–
  3. Market the bollocks out of it through social media – expanding through all of Kevin Bacon’s degrees – to develop The Web/ The Network. We’ve called it the “Friends of Friends & Family Network” because it sounds good. I also personally like the Cool Cats & Dogs Club. Fundamental Take Home here is —> Build a quality database of the right peeps on the same page ..–> BONUS  get PPMG uploaded into the World’s RAM and gives us an income stream via the store + receptive audience …This gives us a few months to get all our ducks in a row for Stage 2.Stage 2 –
  4. is a very well co-ordinated Crowd Funding initiative to raise capital for the development and global deployment of Intelligent Software that could potentially turn the tables on those a) presently in control for the wrong reasons and b) our current projected destiny.”The Software” revolves around an AI Core (artificial intelligence) and its job is watch and learn about Humanity by evaluating a wide variety of OBJECTIVE METRICS – ie how things are looking, sounding, feeling and going for us in general from the outside looking in so to speak. This would be mainly via internet and the Mass Media Hypnotising Tool of choice of course – The TV!!Global Audience Participation is given a real incentive from the Crowd Funding pool. Participants are rewarded each time they logon and submit their  SUBJECTIVE METRICS – ie a snapshot of their personal worldview right there and then at that moment in time.

    You could say its a global study into Human Well Being in many regards. Advertising opportunities generate revenue which is funneled back into the kitty as the first self-supportive feedback measure. And That’s just the Beginning.

    The AI keeps a close eye on Global Politics.. and REALLY gets to know what’s going on in those circles. The policies, trade agreements, war plans, building new hospitals and schools, legalising marijuana etc etc.. And it meshes the data from “The Poeple” and “The Politicians” together and looks for correlations in ways that you can’t even imagine.

    It will also monitor the heavens – the positions of the stars and planets and incorporate astrological like elements or “Off World” forces or influences into its dataset.
    It begins to make predictions of short term futures and trains itself and learns from its errors (<- hehe ..already its showing signs of being smarter than many). Over time, it begins to converge.

  5. Enter  —– GOVERNANCE
    …an evolutionary suite of cross-functional, inter-dependent and fully intelligently connected software applications that, on the one hand, can Virtually Simulate Global Responses to varying inputs, and on the other, is a Fully Decked out Virtual on-line Gaming platform to rival Life itself in its diversity, complexity, in-determinism, un-canny synchronicities, ridiculous parallels, learning experiences and opportunities for growth.The Crowd Funding Pool – (think single or slightly double digit millions$) – kicks of a chain reaction of development, marketing and media frenzy that attracts all the right people for all the right reasons. The BusineSs Model and Modus Operandi are re-written from the ground up incorporating Deep Truth and all of the elements you would naturally find in an Enlightened Societal System.And when the timing is right ………………..
  6. Stage 3 – we take it to the Governments of the World………………………………………………………………Collectively Empowered and with Science & Logic on OUR SIDE, we “The Poeple” – all stand up together and demand, dare, (whatever it takes) our Governments and decision makers to “Meet the Simulator” and run their intentions through it – in the public arena – BEFORE they may be actioned or made into the Laws that form the basis of the societies in which we live.





establish global network of drop-shippers – mapped –  each covering certain geographical area – so we have as much of the globe covered as possible.

small subset of products, branded and themed, and sell the story – what we are all about and what we are trying to achieve, sell the humanity aspect of it – let people buy into the Dream, people meet somewhere – ah wow you have a pillow case I have a pair of thongs – travelled half way around the world – im over in France and theres someone wearing a planetary poets hoodie – Fuck Yeahyou know that person is someone you want to talk to.

the essence – starting from the network of the people who came through the Lions Den – the fabric of goodness, that awas common thread, so much love and goodness, take that as a base line and let them extend it out to their friends and their friends and so on – let it go fractal, and create the network that way… 6 degrees thing, kevin bacon, overlaps, before long weaves its way throughout the world and finds just those people on the same wavelength, who resonate with right where we are coming from, create a web of all those people – as eaas as them buying a little bit of merchandise to create the web, when its established we’ve got a unity of fucking good souls similiar enough to ourselves,

how to structure? sell the dream – getting bacl to nature , off the grid, — buy one of these and look out for anyone else who is wearing one where ever you go in your travels and you can be pretty sure that person is a friend of yours,

few products, small margins, transparent and open, sign up to the email database and there is an option – do you want to receive the financials figures so you know where the PPMG its at ? everyone who buys a product gets a chacne to be on the board so to speak, be aware of what they contributed to and how it is growing or not — some ownership – opt in for transparency, not interested – opt out,

if you opt  in for financials – then you get a chance to vote. If you choose to receive the information then you get a chance to have a say in how things go – decisions .. when you opt in fo a chance for your say in where the money goes,

eg – in 12 months time we have a poll – theres $20k to go into some thing – how to invest it ?? people can put in investment advice…. Their name is on the door, somehow or another..

if you are wearing something with the logo on it – then that speaks and says “i’ve already opted in” – photos of poets gear all around the world – upload – so we know the reach of how far into the global community we are getting,

tracking – google – demographic – who the planetary poets are ?? the only way you will know if you are one or not is if you have a really good read or watch  of something that says who the poets are and what they are all about, its a collective, not jsut describing me – its a group thing that i am part of, it can be grown and shaped by the people that are part of it – and to be part of it just buy something – send a photo in etc, we want to have it set up such that the value they get out of it is in reading it – and you feel ” I’m fucking so into that” – “good to hear” – “there needs to be more of that in the world,


so for that reason we could have suggested prices and stuff – maybe beside each addto cart button – a dontae button – mayeb columns – this is the price – this is the margin – this is our profit, donate button there beside the Add to Cart and if someone uses it – gets flagged somehow and throw in some special shit – fridge magnet , stubby cooler – an opportunity for people to give a little bit more,,

leader board like Avaaz etc – live sign it  and see your name pop up there in the list as it scrolls,

what is more important to you? child health, teenage suicides, animal cruelty? – eg poll..

and polls, small – few answers right near navigation etc – real easy – questions for the poll can be put forward by people who have bought something – have a right to contribute as well as vote , and that way the collective gets the rightinformation about itself as its forming,

anyone who wants in can throw some of their own creative stuff into the ring – we’ll put it on the website with the donate button there and if anyone wants to donate because of the creative stuff, they can and this goes into the collective account, its flagged as that person that inspired that so we know who is bringing in what .. all of a sudden people want to be part of the collective – i love what they are about – I want to have a say and I can so I will.

I give a Tip –

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