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“Wise Up Dip$h!p$!”
Short video of The Brain in Wander Mode

Thought data is contained in the Notes section off screen – see below

The concept / idea in his own words

A few slides from “The Brain” + Jules Random Ramble#1

“The Brain” is a pretty cool piece of software. It can organise information spatially and intuitively(if you tell it to) and show relationships in ways that are meaningful to our pattern seeking minds. Here we can see the Notes associated with each Thought. On the night that Tony and I first brainstormed this idea together, we dreamed up ridiculously detailed and intricate parameter descriptors with rich inter-connected relationships bursting with contextual meaning. Sadly, at least on my part, only a small portion made it onto paper, but there should be enough here to whet your whistle if you take a good look.

For instance, term we coined as METRICS we imagined to come in two flavours initially – Subjective and Objective. They describe (or ascribe even) some aspect of the quality of our Own Personal Experience from the inside looking out (subjective) as well as a kind of birds-eye-view or outside looking in (objective) measure of some aspect of our collective or societal trends on larger scales at any given time (sample). An example may be that New Years Eve Full Moon Party you went to and it was totally amazing – everyone was having the fattest time  ever – except you – you just couldn’t get into it that night. Similarly, our suggested approach (and incentives($)) for people to take the time to log evaluations of their Subjective inner worlds, we feel could well be a real key in illuminating hidden relationships in otherwise seemingly disparate data. Apply that same simple principle across a number of parameters or input/output sets and don’t be surprised if higher order harmonics of phase space relationships reveal themselves in the feature maps of internal weights and biases.

Different patterns and relationships emerge at different scales as you would expect.  Even the very act of observation may be found to influence outcomes as is famously known to occur in the Quantum realm(very very tiny). Though statistically much less likely on our level of existence, wherever human consciousness is involved, the brightest scientific minds are holistically oriented and remain open to impossible things.  I mean how else does an intelligent person explain the Mountains of documented evidence detailing the triumphs of Mind over Matter.

note – I’ll try and stick with the program now.. – JB