what we’re seeing, stuff we’ve dug up, found out, researched(you may or may not know or even agree with) or common knowledge.

So we’re not fatalists per se or doomsday theorists, out to incite a riot and spread fear  etc – we’re just realists, and we’ve done our homework as I’m guessing you probably have too. The picture looking forward is kind of grim in many respects – globally – for the planet – for humans- and most of the animals they;re half gone already, its Biblical End Days we’re living in – and the prophecised new world isn’t here yet. Just take a look at the smorgasboard of possible ends to humanity in the next 10 or 20 years or whatever.. It’s dazzling, so much so that its really hard to believe because life just keeps on going for us here in Australia – we’re buffeted from all the effects in the rest of the world where they are already feeling it and copping it hard.

But – come on – look at the science.. POLL RIGHT HERE –

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