where we’re at personally within ourselves, realistic self-appraisal can never go astray right, a bit of a stock take on skills, assets & liabilities, goals and dreams, things of value.

We’re both quite if not rather happy in general. There’s never a dull moment – i think i carry that around with me – we’ve got the lads that light up our lives every weekend, we’re living in a caravan parked next to the old silver recording bus and totally loving it. Simple life, kind of.

It’s transient phase though – we both feel it. Change is inevitable – always.

Jules – has lots of skils – many quite prized / sought after / valuable. IT, electronics, web stuff, computers, he’s good with wood, spent 12 years in the mining industry all ove the world – electronics and communications… so all in all very capable and dedicated to whatever is happening.  Since the Lions Den, hasnt really had too much of a personal focal point until just recently – series of jumping on other people’s band wagons and helping them however he could get further towards their dreams or goals… Late last year – there was a shift – all of a sudden knew he was ready to start again – the studio fallout thing kind hit him pretty hard – lost a lot of momentum and desire, wandered for a while – healed now -ready for bigger and better things.(link to Electronic Jude – artist page – CV – skills etc – as well as music) —- and he plays a mean guitar – occasionally..

Nat – had a life changer 5 years ago – a stroke blew out part of her brain, left her with half her vision, a long road to recovery when she shouldnt even be alive and a very foreign kind of brain functioning – it had to repattern and reroute so to speak… re-learn to walk and talk. game changer… proved the docs wrong again and again… managed to link up the Stroke clinic with Vision services on her way out of hospital,

background in banking and hospitality management, mother of two, organisation – in particular – making lists – though remembering where she put them not always so easy, she’s done pretty much all the reserach for products for the shop single handedly.. we work side by side really well, ideals aligned –

Do youunderstand us?