This is meant to be a bit about us ie Jules, Nat, Tony, The Planetary Poets Multimedia Group Pty Ltd and other relevant backstory. We’ve written this with a slightly wider audience in mind I guess – ie a couple of waves down the track – friends of friends and acquaintances – if it gets that far. In fact, keep that in mind please – we would like to think that a relative stranger could read this and get a pretty accurate picture. You’ll find pieces that are kind of personal you could say – that’s if core beliefs and the framework (if i can use that word) by which “Our Identity” interprets life’s data stream and makes meaning out of it, is personal to you. We’ll touch on ethics & morals even – things that often go unsaid even between good friends. It’s a gamble, true.. but given the nature of this beast it seems logical and even important from our side of the fence to lead by example and we are heading into a place of real honesty. . Again – if it sounds like waffle to you – please just skip it and get to the meaty points of the concept and the plan. Make a note though please to let us know if that’s the case and we’ll take it on board – no hard feelings – it was nice knowing you. 

Here is a creative “About US” Page for instance.

About US

This site is the recent love child of Jules and Nat though the Planetary Poets Multimedia Group concept dates back to the 90’s. Now, with fresh ideas and a renewed perspective, energy is pouring into what could possibly be the fulfillment of a long held dream.

We’ve been described as a “cute couple” (everyone has their moments right) but not nearly as cute as Cooper and Daniel – Nat’s two young boys to which Jules is not their Real Dad but their UNREAL DAD. We currently reside around Perth, Western Australia.

We live what many people would call an “unusual type of existence” and neither of us has found a mould yet that we really fit right into.

Having been left with only half her vision after a stroke 5 years ago, Nat had no problems whatsoever falling in love with Jules. And she didn’t see it coming..

Now, recovered as much as the docs say she will, but still with only half her field of view in both eyes, Jules has finally given up complaining to Nat that she doesn’t “Really See all of him” and has decided to just accept the fact. Meanwhile, Nat has come to terms with the idea that returning to full-time work like she used to do is not really on the cards in the foreseeable future – pardon the pun.

And Jules – well he’s a creative genius, a technical wizard and a host of other impressive things but refuses to get a job – he just doesn’t have the time for it.

With a good dose of corporate in his veins and the mandatory “massively successful business failure” behind him, he’s quite excited by the idea of returning to his hippy roots and committed to take up surfing once Perth finally actually gets a decent summer again. On Jules, one sharp observer noted –  “By far the busiest unemployed person I’ve ever met” – Jay Rickey, 2016.

Starting a home internet based business ticks all of the boxes and then some for us but we do want to do it a little bit different.

More often than not, our days resemble a slap-stick comedy in that we take every chance to make each other laugh with curious ironies, cryptic double entendres, saucey suggestive allusions,  and basically anything goes if you can get a laugh.

Building an online store has been on our minds for a long time so we’ve decided to test the waters, throw our Quirk to the Wind and let it all hang out.

PS – our attempted humour may not be everyone’s cup of tea. We know we’ll be poking a few sacred cows along the way but we really don’t mean any harm. If you feel something is in-appropriate we’d love to know.

On the one hand, we simply want to sell quality practical products that would like to buy ourselves, but with a twist. On the other, fully unique, quirky, custom creations that you just cant find anywhere else. And we would love you to be laughing at the Checkout.

But don’t be fooled. Our light hearted approach Does Not imply a lack of serious nous. We actually approach our business very professionally, respectfully and with genuine integrity. Our combined experience is broad and deep with a solid background in office administration, banking and finance, engineering and cunning linguistics.

We aim to provide impeccable goods and services and welcome your feedback.

PPMG History

PPMG History

Conceived in March 1993 – the product of a vision – all consuming – not drug related(surprisingly at the time) – the words of the name emanating from the Earth in Batman like light beams. It was so intense as to never forget – and has guided the whole of my life since.

I spent months afterwards wondering who The Planetary Poets were? no internet in those days.

Finally it dawned on me – it was me – that’s what I AM here to do..

Sat on it for years – hatching – brooding – until 1999 when I registered the business name – thinking that the rest of the Poets would just magically materialise.

A few years later, no Poets per se, but with a business partner on board of poetic note, we formulated a loose plan, registered a company here in Australia – with big plans and dreams. To us it was a container that could hold the vastness of the vision we had created.

The Planetary Poets was always to be the name of my band – the Multimedia Group bit was kind of an umbrella and referred to a collective of like minded souls – batting for the same team – out to help facilitate humanity’s shift through Audio-Visual means.

Spiel on lions den

The Lion’s Den Studio (2008 – 2013) cnr Inspiration Drive and Creative St, WANGARA, PERTH.

5+ years of awesomeness, emanation of my boyhood consciousness,

From my CV – Took an audacious vision and turned it into reality over 5 years with minimum capital, few resources, in a niche market with high overheads despite figures that appeared unworkable on paper.

Facebook Page and galleries there –

Point Form

  • Jules has this vision back in March 1993 of the Planetary Poets Multimedia Group. Vision – you could say “hallucination” in that it fully took his whole field of view over, totally straight, in the middle of the day at work, sitting around the table in the lunchroom, with 4 or 5 other people.
  • sits on it and digests it over roughly 7 years until Colin comes along. He’s fully tuned into the idea – a joint vision is created in 2001.
  • Jules moved to the West & they both set about creating it. Start by registering a partnership – Utopian Resources – with the idea of establishing an income stream to provide capital.
  • Life happens and things don’t pan out quite like they thought they would. Jules takes on engineering role with mining software company. Colin moves to Karratha 2005, gets his own groove happening but they’re still working together towards the same goal
  •  2007 – Ben Mac gets on board. Utopian Resources gets a small factory unit in Wangara. Colin still driving from afar.
  • 2008 – PPMG Pty Ltd is formed. Jules leaves software company to work on contract. Takes lease on Inspiration Drive unit and throws everything at it.