One could argue very convincingly that the greatest global villain of recent times, and quite possibly the single most contributing factor to our environmental slide into the abyss, is the Corporate Business Entity or Pty Ltd Corporation. Add the words Multi & National and what imagery immediately comes to mind for instance?

If I say the words "Multi-National Corporation" - which of these describes your mental picture? (tick more than one)

Fundamental to its nature and central to its core is the concept of Limited Liability ie indemnifying Directors and Shareholders from the ‘effects’ of the goings on of the company – its ’causes’. Invariably the prime directives of a public company are to maximise profits and returns to the shareholders – at whatever cost – as long as its not money. The end result or accumulative expression of this mentality is the world that we live in today.

What Do You Think About The State Of The World Today?

When I think of what a Utopian Future might look like, the picture has in it things like harmony, love and balance – people within society – society within nature. Capitalism, insatiable greed and resource consumption, money supply – the whole system of commerce is presently structured with anything but these ways in mind. Big Business – as we know in our times – is like an endangered species to me, which, if left to its own devices, will blindly march itself clean into oblivion and whistle as it goes. {exasperation.. madness..}

But is The Business to blame?  Or is it the minds of the people who made the rules and have everything invested in keeping them that way? They’re referred to as “The Elite”, they’re akin to the Agents in The Matrix, and they’re not showing any signs of coming around to peace, love and flowers of their own accord any time soon.

The only thing for it – is to get new minds, make new rules, and act on them – establish them within the existing system. The only other real alternative I see is for the whole system to come tumbling down and start with a fresh slate. I call that “The Return of Mad Max” and it’s not nearly as appealing to me these days as it used to be.

The Corporation – its fundamental nature – the essence of it’s Being – absolutely has to change and evolve in ways that foster bio-diversity, preserve and honour sanctity, and above all – Demand Responsibility!

The Structure we see carrying the flame of this initiative forward would be like a caged animal if it were defined and bound by traditional corporate business notions. It’s internals – organisation, structure, codes of conduct, operating systems, etc etc. By definition they’re kind of the antithesis of one another.

If you haven’t already, you really should check out Tesla’s GigaFactory – it’s mind-blowing and revolutionary in design.

We therefore put forward the motion to ground up create a ‘New Business Model’ for this puppy and collectively sculpt it from all our best ideas.


Let’s make a template. As a general rule of thumb for obviously fucked up things, what if we take whatever is the norm now, turn it on its head and take a look at the opposite as a place to begin defining something new.

For instance – “Limited Liability” could become “Full Responsibility” or “Absolute Accountability” or “Total Trust” – you get the idea.

What follows is an introduction to the style of thinking we are referring to – by no means complete – just the beginning. An outline, a sketch of a few ideas on incorporating stuff that’s aligned to The Core Beliefs into a business framework.  The goal is to bring light into the workings and establish ways of doing things that are responsible in the Here & Now and sustainable in the long run

Right, so here is an attempt to convey a few ideas that we think either

a) should be integrated right into the fabric of whatever business structure is formulated to carry the initiative forward or

b) could be developed into something useful and exemplary

We’ve done this because, in our minds, these things embody some element or feature that seems natural in a headspace that has really grasped the core concepts of Corporate, Social and Environmental responsibility.

from what I can see. which to clothe the entity and grow it to maturity. A well defined, holistically conceived and perfectly implemented, simple set of operating principles that define the inner workings and relationships of the company as a collective expression of all the best things about those who are working in it to build and create it . The Company does not have employees working for it – rather – this group of people work together and the Company is a sum-total expression of the work of that.