So, the other sneaky tuesday, about this time last week, me and the misses had an altercation..
It blew out of proportion, skyrocketed into oblivion, descended into chaos and anarchy, until it eventually plateaued out into the green grassy prairies of upstate New York..

And I was left wondering – couldn’t help it – after the pride subsided.. Cause it looked simplistic and see through when i spelt it out to myself in plain terms.

So – my ego got really offended when she accused me of doing the things that I thought she was doing.

And that got me thinking – about owning ones own shit.. And how does one definitively know where one’s shit stops and another’s begins?

The mirror – as life delights in presenting to us – often through loved ones or just ar-souls that happened along the way – if she sees it in me – and I see it in her – are we both fluffed?

Point is – who takes the lead? sets the scene? has the majority shareholding in the shit?

How do you know if that shit is yours? You look for the tell-tale signs.

Usually, the blind shitter has piles of them – and they’re not hard to spot.