And Welcome… to the Planetary Poets 5th and arguably — tweakiest — web incarnation. And what a time we’ve had, moving over to WordPress and getting to know “the ropes”. . . . … yaaaay

This time around there could even be some purpose in our strides – – “oh no not the puns again?!

So let it be known that – “Yes – we’ve finally descended from the clouds – (the Large Magellanic ones) – and we bring down for you – BLOGS FROM THE ANNALS OF URANUS.”

No We Do Not! – but we do bring you –
“Brain Farts – Murmurings of Flatulent Minds” – our wholesomely entitled other blog like thing… plugin.

I wouldn’t really describe it myself as much more than an attempt at adequately clothing a stream of thoughts that developed over time into melting pot of well thought through and fleshed out ideas and concepts all relating to a central “what if” possible future theme. Giving them form, – bringing them to life – however briefly – but at minimum at least long enough to seriously size it up and get a feel for whether the potential good we can see it performing in the world is a Possible Reality that could actually one day manifest if we wanted to make it happen or, well, the opposite of that essentially – or anything that’s NOT THAT – in which case we drop it and forget it.

The whole conceptual monty and the hoo-haa surrounding it that we were either discovering or creating (hard to say which) during those long, intense, exhaustive mental “jam sessions” – Tony and I up all night barely moving from the couch – chewing each others ears off with such enthusiasm and excitement – utterly taken, completely captivated, immaculately immersed and irresistibly compelled into some special kind of  intellectual  engagement and shared vision experience.

it was just a cascading field of epically awesome ideas and some of the funniest jokes and one-liners ever

– sunset to sunrise and beyond, up all night just sitting there on the couch, bouncing back and forth, cascading epic ideas and posibilities on the one hand was intriguing to observe and witness in that

as we saw itaround “Governance” (as I ended up labeling it) is pretty kind of ‘out there’ in certain respects. I – not so much like technologically groundbreaking or in any advanced kind of dazzling fashion – but more so in a fundamental “working out” kind of way where I think I sense structural sense- ie the way certain things, if worked out according to their plan, would produce outputs that appear to tick numerous surrounding boxes just by serendipity, often by happy accident, and flow on effects of certain elements or causes appear to naturally want to reroute back into the inputs in such a way that its really easy to see it developing along self-supporting, regenerative and sustainable lines. can so easily feed back into with the craziest and most hair-brained I’d have to be honest and say. Its geeky and quirky – captures the imagination… and stirring curiosity. Tossing it around in conversation and convince us that there may actually be some value in going to the trouble of defining and presenting it.  for further consideration.  It could also be seen as us adding our voice to those concerned about where things are at on our planet at the moment.

Maybe you too? Maybe we’re Mad!! Maybe we’re all four.

But after a couple of months of hashing this out and sifting the wheat from the chaff, we’re still left wondering if we’re in the running for a loaf of bread or not.

It could all be just another of those Crazy Dreams…. like building the Lion’s Den Studio for instance.

Fair to say – THAT manifestation began as the same kind of itch that I’m feeling now. If you never made it down to the corner of Inspiration Drive and Creative St in it’s hay day, or if you’d just like to re-cache your RAM, you can take a little tour here.

Author: a quick nod to The Lion’s Den .. RIP ……may you live long in spannered hippy folklore.. Epic Times … Thankyou for the lessons…”

Time its different.

It’s not about a place, a venue, but it more about a scene.

It’s not the souped-up psychological culmination in ‘The Working Out’ of an apprentice Wizard’s boyhood footloose infatuations – it’s about a possible way for good people to create lives down the track that are a little more fancy-free, and a Plan B just in case Big Shit really Comes Down…

Sometimes the core concept seems so clearly right, doable and compelling. Other times – I can’t connect with it at all.

So, so many times did I shake my head wondering why oh why am I wasting all this energy, time and money in a hair-brained idea that could be a far distant long-shot of a possible reality. I’ve invested far less in dead certainties.

Just sayin… I’m not convinced it’s real, but it appeals enough to want to go to the effort of defining and presenting it best I can to put out there for your consideration.. If enough people jump on it and are serious about getting together and kicking something off – Fully Count ME IN – I’ll be there in a flash.

***** ——- *****

The guts of the whole idea – the concept if you like, was proffered by a modern day mudblood Rock N Roll singer by the name of Antony Lilley.

– aka “Lord Death” when he’s at home or at the Blazing Swan. Also known as “Tony Amos” when he’s on the keys and DJ FagMagnet by his closest and dearest friend.

Curious … hmm ……    …..    . .

Anyhoo, you may know him as that strangely charismatic bearded bald dude who’s pipes graced the halls of Akashic Records’ Red Room most friday nights and as the front man of that ballsy beast of Rock Gods collectively known as ANIMAL – (who incidentally are close to completing their 2nd studio album, Nov 2018) – Ed

He whipped it out and flopped it on the table one night sometime in October 2016 I believe when we were having a casual mental jam on physics, cosmology, consciousness and so on as  you do. The entry point, if I remember correctly, was some intensely casual reference of mine to The Simulation Hypothesis and the Holographic Universe Model.

When Tony leaned in and dropped this one, I gasped, and felt light-headed.

then jumped on it immediately, and we spent the wee-hours till dawn and beyond exploring it, defining this and that, and having a right fat old chin wag. We were quite blown out — by our own words I mean… — yeah haha–, – for as we spoke in turn, the ideas appeared to be creating themselves.

Nothing happened for months afterwards – typical of  Aha moments, but the impressions it left were so strong  I couldn’t quite let go of it. I saw so much potential for goodness in the world and every which way I thought about it lead me to another geeky heaven.

I saw potential to address some of the root causes (as I see them) for the state the world is in today ie money, greed, power, control – and what’s more, I saw solutions and even possible means to help facilitate the shift that I reckon really needs to happen in this world Now. And that is – That It’s Time The Good Guys Got The Cash!!

It even gave me an element of hope, which was a really nice change – it’s been a little thin on the ground of late.

So – I thought further, and wider – more obtusively – and lo and behold – a structure formed – pregnant with spiritual idealism – seemingly self-supportive and (in principle at least) able to route money away from the ar-souls and into the hands of the good souls. Bird is The Word!!

So one day I just said – “Fluff It! – I have to lay this down – it needs to be said – It Can’t Not Be! – and that’s what I/we have attempted to do here.

Well we started at least and got a little ways. Turns out it wasn’t quite so straight forward. But then again – Neither Was I.

And then we got sucked into a WordPress Wormhole – obviously ruled by Saturn(satan). It was a cruel master – twisting my frontal lobe neurons – gnarling my Corpus Callosum.

Eventually I remembered Yodas advice – but in the meantime I hacked the crap out of my head. A large part of which ended up on these pages.

My hope is to create a picture in your mind resembling the one that was in ours and get your opinion on it if you don’t mind.

Enough Waffle!! please comment, thoughts, feelings. Ideas.

and enjoy…

~Electronic Jude

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