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What makes a real strong bond between people? I would say understanding and relating. For that reason we’re throwing in some of the deep stuff so you can decide for yourself whether or not you actually really like us. We see the things that we stand for, won’t stand for, that define us, that drive emotions & decisions as Very Important things and knowing someone on a deep level can be one of the most soul satisfying ways to spend your time.

Looks like here we’re throwing down some random notes approach to life in general.

I’m thinking the direction of laying some foundation or place to begin establishing commonality. Possibly defining ground rules or agreed bottom lines of conduct beyond which there is a Deep Commitment with The Self and One Another that individually and collectively we won’t stoop below.

Or – setting the bar on acceptable level or frequency or whatever of consciousness that we will permit or admit. I get a picture of like an “inner sanctum” or “core nucleus”  in a thought-form generating heart of an organism. I sense something deeply spiritual (& meaningful), beyond words spoken or written, more a vibrational presence. The sort that would bring a soul to bear before its maker for instance.

I want to use the words fundamentally founded, unshakable, immovable, irresistible. No Bargaining or trade-offs – compromise – leniency in this place. Honour beyond both question and reason, the ROCK  of AGES, locked away as a Given to Be.

Base level – The Grail – commitment to be rememberING – ESPECIALLY  in shaky times, when the chips are down – when metal is being tested.

Waffle Again!! Anyhoo – well here’s more –

  • Foster understanding –  connect with like minded people
    and organisations is what we’re all about. Here are some fundamental things close to our hearts, that make us tick, define us and how we roll,  drive emotions and decisions and make up our Prime Directives you could say.

Stuff like:

1. There is no essential difference between US – like “You” and “I” – its more like “all of US” – in this wonderous place here called Life. What I used to call  “The Movie” I now see a bit more like a video game I guess – The Simulation Hypothesis kind of ushered that in in a big way. I still refer to it as the Self / Other divide and have noticed that the people I’ve met along the ways that didn’t really see too much of a difference there were the most compassionate and loving and the ones I have admired most as Humans.

I’m happy to say that some of them have even been very wealthy and that supports my belief  that it really is Time the Good Guys Got The Cash.  Paradoxically and par for the course though – mostly it was those who had the least.

Its trending somewhat to demonstrate your knowledge of the old ” What we perceive is a reflection or function of our own consciousness” concept. It follows that how we treat people is, essentially, how we treat ourselves. The best description of the meaning of the word Namaste I’ve ever heard goes something like this from memory: –

“Namaste – I honor the place in You, that when you are in Yours, and I Am in Mine – there is only one of Us”

As individuals, the two tweakers that are writing this deeply respect themselves and each other and like to think they are good human beings. Like it even more seeing ourselves demonstrate it and often make a bit of a fuss over it in other people to encourage. That’s why we choose to work together.

In our minds, we cultivate respect by giving it,

2. Honesty is the Best Policy. I Love people who just give it to me straight – however harsh or politically incorrect or inappropriate and I don’t tolerate lies too well. Not everyone feels the same. I’ve lost what I thought were “Best Friends” being brutally honest. If there is a principle involved I can be anal about it and appear righteous and rigid or stubborn to some. Otherwise the definitions are loose and I’ve found myself on occasion doing something or behaving in a way that previously I made a hell of an issue of  someone else doing and been labelled a Hypocrite for it.

I’ve also found is usually pretty hard to explain to someone who sees things that way exactly how it’s different. In general – I’ve stopped bothering.

I often use the phrase – “Two ears – One mouth” – meaning  Listen first –  talk second. “Seek not be understood – but to understand”. Give that which you wish to receive.. are all variants on a theme.. How this ties in with Honesty is one of those things Life’s Mystery reveals. Suffice to say here that it’s of paramount importance to us. So much so that it’s likely that’s where our concept of this  Transparent Business Model came from I guess.

3. Money is not our main currency. Fundamentally the quality of our experience (happiness, satisfaction, goodwill, love,smiles, laughs
and spiritual growth) are much more important than money. We choose not to put money at the center of our reality or to use it as a
measure of ours or anyone else’s worth. That said, we are openly and unashamedly in business to make money sure. But not at the expense of what’s really important – ie being true to ones self – walking the talk – living the dream, doing what’s right. I personally went through a period of despising it buying into the belief of it being the root of all evil kind of thing. Ironically, now, knowing so much more about the mechanics of how it has been used to perpetrate evil in this world, I’m much more at peace with it myself and I’ve let go of my notion that the whole monetary financial system has to completely fall and be rebuilt to create a peaceful world. Used rightly, it’s a powerful tool for good also, and these days I get more of a kick out of thinking about how cool it would be to snatch the whole thing out from under the bad guys’ noses right when they think they are about to close their fists. Turn the Tables on centuries’ worth of work of evil intention, right it, White Light it, and then roll out Love’s New Policies over this amazing network Evil has created with the intention to enslave us all. It just seems fitting to me somehow – fits right in with how I’ve seen irony work in my life.

ra ra ra

4. aliens are real

5.  Big Shit is probably Coming Down.

6. There is every likelihood that life is actually some kind of simulation in the sense that we know it today in this computer age.

7. I think I used to be a dog

8. The human species is at a pretty important time in its evolution and it could go either way from here it seems. I like to THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Gives me a reason to want to get it right for sure. But from a pure consciousness kind of perspective, the sheer power, harmony, intricacy, diversity, novelty , majesty of natures expression is reason enough in itself to want to preserve it and be part of …. to create with….