Our world is in jeopardy, the Earth is crook – I think its those dudes over there making it sic. –>

There’s too many of us consuming too many resources living life styles that our planet simply cannot sustain.

We’ve become disconnected from our Environment and brainwashed into thinking we are masters over it when in fact it still supports our existence as it has done since we climbed down out of the trees and chopped off our tails.

Our modern society has been built upon a framework geared for expansion and growth but our resource base is finite.

Ours is the first generation really that can see the end of the road we are careering down as a species and the alarm bells are ringing.

We are about to hit the ceiling where no more growth is possible and what’s worse, we’ve burnt too many bridges behind us – destroyed and defiled the natural systems that have sustained us for thousands of years.

Our fallback potential is severely limited. This is the central defining issue of our time and the culmination of the Industrial and Technological Ages.

I’m saying this because it fuels my sense of urgency to get out of the rat race and onto that Big ass block of land.