Pinky Swears

We’ve got faith in the quality of the products we choose to carry.

If for whatever reason your purchase doesn’t work out, we’ll either replace it, refund your money or something else that’s win-win for both of us!

“If you’re not happy with one of our products – buy another one – and tell us if it has the same problem”


Our Bullshit Policy states that “We reserve the right to drop a line of complete bullshit into a conversation at any time to get a laugh without the penalty.”

Serious Policy goes in here –

At Natz Nik Nax – We really do strive to source only quality goods – not cheap and nasty shit quality disposable throw-aways.

  • It stems from our Cradle to Grave Mentality .. – low total energy of ownership over lifetime..
  • We work with suppliers that offer Factory Warranty wherever possible.
  • We also do our own R&D for QC and bring you only the best products and honest reviews from a Natural Over Engineer.
  • So, in addition to the Manufacturers Warranty, we offer additional

Warranty of our Own –  If a product dies or malfunctions and truthfully wasn’t the result of mistreatment on your behalf or reasonable wear and tear – send us the dud and We’ll Replace It.

We’ve re-written the Terms & Conditions and shortened them to One.


1 Term and Condition :- We’ll both be perfectly honest with one-another and Agree that in the case that we can’t agree, we’ll meet each other half way and find a solution there that we both walk away happy with.


Every store owner has stories of people who try to scam them – returns, refunds etc under dubious circumstances.

“My phone just died while it was in my pocket doing nothing” they said. Tech guy opens phone and water leaks out.

Not the way to roll in our opinion. Lying and stealing are affirmations to The Universe that basically say – “I don’t believe in my abilities to obtain this by moral and just means”.

It’s Limiting, and on the other end of the stick there is a dishonest transaction and that doesn’t belong in our books.

Some people even just want to cause problems and stir shit for the fun of it. You would have to be either Supremely in Command or totally naive to think it won’t happen in retail business. We don’t want to focus on the negatives – so here’s our approach to dealing with it.


  1. We just ask please – Be straight & Honest with yourself first, and then with us. We’ve got an open information policy – all information is available to everyone – the figures(costs, expenses, profit etc) – you can see exactly how much money we are making if you want. In this way we feel we can alleviate the feeling of being hard done by as we will always shoulder our fair share of a burden. We’re all about Honesty – and quite honestly – we’ve come to expect it.

Our Bullshit detectors employ state-of-the-art machine learning and are trained using TENSORFLOW on Nvidia GPU clusters.

So please, spare us the porkie pies, we’ll be precise and accurate for you, and let’s get on with finding an optimum solution that suits us both.

“Own Your Own Shit” – is what we always say.

If there is a genuine problem with the product when there shouldn’t be, that’s Our Bad – send us the dud and we’ll send you a replacement of course. No hoops.

Accidental Damage – we know all about it – we’ve got 2 boys… All we ask is please just be honest and straight with us. If you know Good and Well that you did something to it – FESS UP!.

We’re Really Fair People – and we’ll come to the party and sort out some way to make amends

Custom Shop Stuff

– at the moment we’ve only got a few totally amazing Handmade Bags on offer so that’s between you and Heven Leigh Creations. How funny is that 🙂  She’ll look after ya!

All Custom Shop items should be inspected carefully, checked for defects and admired and appreciated thoroughly before they Leave The Building! That’s a new Policy right there – someone note it please.

“All care Taken but No Responsibility!” – is not really good enough for us. If a Custom Shop item – ie “Crystal – Swiss Ultra Lady Bag” makes it past us to the post, it was definitely deemed worthy and sent in good faith. If you then take your new “Swiss Ultra Lady Bag” (that’s for the googlebots) out on the town for the night and her in the morning looking like she had a big night, please think twice and then again before you try Porky Pie your way to a swifty.

Or any version or variant on that theme please – We Will Always Be True – Please bring that side of your nature to the table when you’re with us. Thankyou.

Therefore – we now also have a very simple and straight-forward:

Our Returns Policy – “We Own Ours – You Own Yours – and we’ll both be perfectly straight with one another in working  out the details.”