You are your own YOU

for Only You to Choose

Don’t deprive us of knowing You

  • a parting of cloud

your very own you is all you need to be

So Own it, OR Change it,

then Love it and Share it with ME

Don’t deny me the experience of YOU

Show me your heart and your fears

Share with me your blues

Know Me, Allow Me,

Bless Me, ASTOUND Me,

Your perfect You I crave to feel

So let me in and hold me tight

cause it’s just you and me tonight

With you I am embraced in such light

I’m knocked to my butt, I’m Completely ALIVE

So please just be you and be okay with it

You should SEE how perfectly you’re LIT- with it

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE and don’t Ever doubt

I only want More of your you hanging around

Don’t hide away ftom yourself or from me

I Want to know EVERYTHING there is of you to see

You don’t see your Worth or your Value

You put yourself down with that permanent frown

I’d dearly Love to watch the arrival of your Smile

One that Lights up your face and SPARKS in your eyes

A smile So Bright Everyone will KNOW the real you can’t be denied

And Believe Me, you never need to try

Acceptance, Connection and Integration

See you as I DO , free from your Insulation